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Airline information before your trip

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eTicket is the information of passenger’s itinerary issued and provided when you complete your ticket purchase online at this Website or at the ticketing offices. You can also request to receive your eTicket via email or view/download eTicket as follows:

  • For eTicket booked and purchased on this Website, please click here
  • For ticket booked and purchased at Vietnam Airlines offices, please click here or contact us

The eTicket consists of (but not limited to) the following information:

  • Issuing carrier, issuing agent, place of issue
  • Reservation Code
  • Name of passenger

  • Ticket number, date of ticket issue, ticket itinerary, booking status.
  • Flight information:  flight number, operating carrier(s), flight date and time.
  • Fare details and payment: fare details, taxes, fees and other surcharges, form of payment
  • Fare conditions, baggage allowance.

Vietnam domestic fare rules

Fare TypeBooking ClassFlight changeItinerary changeCancellation/RefundMaximum stayGLP Accrual Rates
Business FlexJ,CPermitted without feePermitted with fee: VND300,000

Exception for Lunar New Year period: VND600,000

Permitted with fee: VND300,000

Exception for Lunar New Year period: VND600,000

12 months2.00/mile
Eco.FlexMPermitted without fee

Exception for Lunar New Year period: VND600,000

Permitted with fee: VND300,000

Exception for Lunar New Year period: VND600,000

Permitted with fee: VND300,000

Exception for Lunar New Year period: VND600,000

12 months1.00/mile
Saver FlexK,L,Q,NPermitted with fee

Before ticketed flight date: VND300,000

On/After ticketed flight date: VND600,000

Permitted with fee

Before ticketed flight date: VND300,000

On/After ticketed flight date: VND600,000

Permitted with fee

Before ticketed flight date: VND300,000

On/After ticketed flight date: VND600,000

12 months



SaverRPermitted with fee

Before ticketed flight date:  VND300,000

On/After ticketed flight date: VND600,000

Permitted with fee

Before ticketed flight date: VND300,000

On/After ticketed flight date: VND600,000

Permitted with fee

Before ticketed flight date: VND300,000

On/After ticketed flight date: VND600,000

12 monthsR:0.25/mile
Super SaverU,E,PBefore ticketed flight date: VND600,000

On/After ticketed flight date: not permitted

Not PermittedNot Permitted12 monthsNil

General Rules:

  1. Combination:
    • Super Saver: Permitted with Super Saver fares only.
    • Other Fare Type: Permitted with other fare type except Super Saver.
  3. Change/Cancelation:
    • Reissue/Exchange: Permitted to equal or higher fare only.
    • Refund used tickets: refund the difference between the fare paid and applicable fare of used routing minus refund fee.
  4. Change fee:
    • Multiple change fee: Highest change fee of all change fare component applied.
    • Refund Change fee is not permitted
  5. Upgrade:
    • Booking class P is permitted to booking class E.
    • Booking class U,E are not permitted
    • Other booking class are permitted to higher available booking class.
    • Passenger have to pay fare difference and change fee (if any).

Ticket Refund/Change

For refunding of your ticket(s) purchased online, please contact the nearest Vietnam Airlines Ticketing office or email the completed Refund Request form to refund from your registered email address. The refund will be credited directly to the Card that was used to purchase the tickets online.

For ticket change including rebook, reroute, you need to contact the nearest Vietnam Airlines Ticketing office for support.

Subject to the terms associated with your purchased fare, refund/change may NOT be allowed. Or there may be a refund/change fee involved.

Note: In case you can't contact your local office, please contact below helpdesk in Vietnam.

Northern Vietnam

Tel: 84-4-38320320 , 1900545486

Opening time: 08h00-17h00

Southern Vietnam

Tel: 84-8-38320320

Opening time: 08h00-17h00

Supports for tickets purchased  on the website

Tel: 84-4-39381835/393818356


Passenger Ticket


Passenger ticket is the contract of carriage between the airlines and the passenger. While traveling, passengers are required to keep passenger ticket(s) with you throughout your journey, as it is required for check-in and immigration purposes.


For traditional paper ticket, passenger must have your own ticket(s) with the valid flight coupon for a specific flight.


For eTicket, passenger should only bring a printed copy of eTicket Receipt of your own eTicket while traveling.

Forms of identification

Passenger travelling on international flights shall submit one of the following identification forms:
  •  Passport;
  • Travel documents or immigration documents in accordance with Vietnam Civil Law (named Passport hereafter).

For children without a passport: full names, date of birth and portrait picture have to be available in the travel document of the legitimate representative.

Passenger from the age of fourteen travelling on domestic flights in Vietnam shall submit one of the following identification forms:

  • Non-Vietnamese nationalities: Passport;

  • Vietnamese nationality:

    • Passport;

    • Identity card;

    • Military Identity card;

    • National Assembly membership card;

    •  Communist party membership card

    • Press Identity card;

    • Driving licence;

    • Aviation Security control card;

    • Airlines Identity card;

    • Confirmed form written by local police or authorities.

For children under 14 years old travelling on Vietnam domestic flights:

  • Non-Vietnamese nationalities: Passport;
  • Vietnamese nationality:

    • Passport;

    • Birth Certificate;

    • Birth Confirmation Form: Infants under one (01) month old;

    • Confirmation of a social organisation: children under the patronage of that organisation (this shall be valid within 6 months since the date of confirmation).

Unaccompanied children under 14 years old: Apart from the above-mentioned papers, a commitment form of legitimate representative shall be required.

The travel documents used by passengers travelling by air as referred above shall meet the following conditions:

  • Such travelling documents are still valid;

  • A passenger photo is glued on and stamped, except for certificate of birth, paper certifying birth of infants, security badge and airlines ID.

Arrival documents

For international flights, when required, you will need to fill in and present an Arrival/Departure document at immigration counter.


For departure from Vietnam international airports, Arrival - Departure Declaration forms are available at the airport before proceeding to immigration counters. For arrival at Vietnam, you will be handed the form before your flight at check-in counter or during the flight from cabin crew.

Hand Baggage

General conditions

Each passenger can carry onboard a free baggage allowance : two pieces for Business class passenger and one piece for Economy class passenger. Each piece has a maximum weight of 7kg and the sum of three dimensions shall not exceed 115 cm (56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm) or (22 x 14 x 9 inches). In case your hand baggage exceeds the quantity, weight and dimensions as specified above, Vietnam Airlines reserves the rights to refuse to carry the baggage as carry-on baggage and request the baggage to be transported as checked baggage.

In general, Vietnam Airlines adopts the international standard hand baggage policy. Individual carriers may, however, apply a different hand baggage allowance. If your journey involves a connection to other carrier(s), you are advised to check with these carriers for details of their policies and ensure compliance.

Additional items could be carried on board

In addition to free baggage allowance, each passenger may carry, without additional charges, the following personal objects for use during embarking, disembarking or onboard, provided that such objects are retained by passenger's custody:

  • A handbag, pocket book or lady's purse, i.e., which is appropriate to normal traveling dress and is not used as a container for the transportation of articles which would otherwise be regarded as baggage;

  • An overcoat, wrap or blanket;

  • An umbrella or walking stick (except one with metal-filled sharp pointed end)

  • A laptop computer, a small camera and/or a binoculars;

  • A reasonable amount of reading materials for in-flight reading only;

  • Infant's food for consumption in flight;

  • Infant's carrying basket or bassinet;

  • A fully collapsible wheel chair.

  • A pair of crutches and/or braces or other prosthetic device for the passenger's use.

Restricted Items

The following items which in a passenger’s possession may be considered as weapons or dangerous objects and are not accepted as carry-on luggage:

  • All knives, including hunting knives and others;

  • Swords;

  • Bludgeons, blackjacks, billy clubs or similar instruments;

  • Any other device or object not commonly viewed as dangerous, but the possession of which suggests that it may be used as a weapon, namely, ice picks, straight (cut-throat) razors, long-blade scissors, etc.
If any of these items are found in your carry-on luggage, they will be confiscated by security, and not returned to you. Vietnam Airlines will not assume any responsibility for confiscated items. The above dangerous objects are only acceptable to carry as checked baggage.

Firearms and cartridges belonging to ordinary passengers and approved by government authority for carriage and those officials who have been assigned to travel on duty, such as a law-enforcement officers delivering criminals should be carried in the checked baggage. These passengers are required to surrender such arms and cartridges to the airlines prior to boarding for handling in accordance with air transport regulations