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Vietnam tourism will reopen in early 2022

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism: Will expand to welcome international tourists from the beginning of 2022
12:30 11/13/2021 Invest
(VTC News) - That is the information given by Mr. Nguyen Trung Khanh, Director General of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism at the talk show this morning (November 13).

At the seminar "Binh Dinh activates green tourism: Safe destination, attractive experience" taking place on the morning of November 13, Mr. Nguyen Trung Khanh, Director General of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism said, in the context of both The country is implementing the Government's Resolution 128 - safely and flexibly adapting to the COVID-19 epidemic, the tourism industry is actively opening up domestic tourism, opening to welcome international visitors in some localities. , moving towards fully reopening tourism to welcome international tourists back.
In October 2021, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism held an online meeting with 25 key tourism localities to discuss the resumption of tourism activities; Online meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ambassadors and leaders of 15 Vietnamese diplomatic missions in key tourism markets to coordinate in promoting tourism to key international visitors.

Also in October, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism worked with leading airlines and travel agencies in Vietnam to discuss solutions to connect, exploit the market, and prepare to gradually open the international tourist market.
The general orientation for the recovery period 2021 and 2022 is that Vietnam's tourism will continue to focus on exploiting the domestic tourism market; put safety tourism on the top, and at the same time bring a truly impressive and unforgettable experience.

Along with that, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, together with localities and businesses are well prepared to open up international tourism according to the roadmap, towards a full recovery in the context of normalization. usually new.

Khanh added that, for the international market, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has advised the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to issue pilot guidelines to welcome international tourists to Vietnam. The scope of application will be expanded in early 2022, localities that actively propose and meet the conditions will be considered to allow international tourists.

Sharing at the discussion, Mr. Vu The Binh, Standing Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Tourism Association, pointed out the fact that everywhere in Vietnam there are tourism resources, but these resources must be combined with the determination of the leader. Only the local religion can develop into a tourist area.
Specifically, Mr. Binh said that the perception of tourism development in the locality is uneven, the awareness of COVID-19 and the harmful effects of COVID-19 is also uneven, leading to the policies of other localities. together.

The government gives a great deal of power to the locality. This promotes the proactive power of the locality, but also makes the regulations for the locality uneven, making it difficult to restore tourism.

According to him, after 2 years, COVID-19 exists in society, cannot be erased, we must live together.

There are two problems, one is to always prevent, not to avoid, in which vaccination is the most important factor. Secondly, economic development and safest tourism must be paralleled.

“Tourism businesses understand this best, must ensure safety for employees and customers. We have to trust businesses, which are safe for immediate operation,” he said.

Given the fact that in a large locality, there are places where COVID-19 is affected and some are not, Mr. Binh said that the initiative to divide the yellow, green, green and yellow lines is very important. Businesses go on green roads, green areas, so it is very safe.

However, many localities are afraid to think, causing them to close completely to tourism. Enterprises also need to identify green and yellow zones and make them public. At that time, the business has full travel rights.
For us, a peaceful day is travel that must kick off immediately. We cannot wait. The tourism industry has to take advantage of it to the fullest extent possible,” he said.

According to Mr. Binh, the most important thing now is to change awareness, not to be afraid of COVID but to adapt to develop.

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